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 +===== IP Addresses =====
 +An **IP address** identifies a router or computer's physical location at a given time. 
 +IP addresses are frequently logged by servers and applications that send and receive data on the internet. 
 +An IP address can be masked via a VPN, Tor, or other means. 
 +==== What does my IP address say? ====
 +==== What listens to IP addresses? ====
 +==== How can I hide my IP address? ====
 +==== Further reading ====
 +  * [[|How the Internet Works]]
 +    * IP addresses, routers, ISP's;
 +    * domain names, protocols, and packets: the basics of the internet. 
 +    * Understanding how the web works will keep you safe. 
 +  * [[|Show My]]
 +  * [[|ipstack]] -- "GeoIP" tool to translate a website / IP into a location
 +  * [[|IPv4 Packet Structure]]
 +  * [[|Panopticlick by EFF]]
 +    *  reveals how much data your browser leaks about you, in general.
 +    *  (chances are your browser has a unique fingerprint) 
 +    * Along with IP address, your [[User Agent]] is most likely to leak your identity 
 +  * [[|DuckDuckGo]] -- a search engine that [[|does not track]] your IP address or useragent. 
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