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List of planned or proposed services, sorted roughly by demand and difficulty:



federated chat service with end to end encryption. Server in Matrix:

See matrix for all our articles on this.


You're looking at it. Dokuwiki rocks. Wikis are a way to let a group of people collaborate on a set of documents. They can be contrasted with blogs, which are focused on releasing static posts in a timeline: wikis work in a web, where documents are interlinked and frequently updated.


Free, encrypted “zoom” replacement

In many respects Jitsi meetings are simply private by design. To begin with, all meeting rooms are ephemeral: they only exist while the meeting is actually taking place. They get created when the first participant joins and they are destroyed when the last one leaves. If someone joins the same room again, a brand new meeting is created with the same name and there is no connection to any previous meeting that might have been held with the same name.

This is all very important. Some of the systems that let people “pre-create” rooms, have subtle indications that let a potential attacker distinguish reserved from unreserved meetings which then makes the reserved meetings easier to identify and target.

That said, since a name is all that one needs to actually access a room, we have to be really careful about how we choose and advertise them. We don’t want others accidentally stumbling into our meetings, just as we want to keep pranksters and snoopers away.

Notes on Jitsi's End to end encryption: (source)

Every user must share the password outside of the room: make it long and secure. Then, following, only people with the password can participate in the meeting. Otherwise, they only see scrambled garbage.


Decentralized replacement to Twitter; same thing as Mastodon. Read about Pleroma on its own page.


Like Reddit, but decentralized. It uses the same federation technology as Pleroma.

Next up


Everyone loves blogs. Must provide ATOM or RSS feeds.

  • Maybe WriteFreely?


Not implemented

Git Repo

using Gitlab, host git repos featuring our community projects and quality FLOSS software


Fallback / alternative to Matrix and Riot. XMPP is old and reliable “federated messaging” with a number of FLOSS servers and clients; most clients have plugins for “OTR” encryption

Torrent tracker

Allow users to share files in a different way than Git

Tor or i2p hidden service

For folks wanting additional security. Comes with its own challenges

Create a public gallery of tagged images. Better than imgur.

PGP keyserver

Allow users to upload PGP keys or look them up. Helps build a web of trust and a fallback of encrypted communication methods

Secure Scuttlebutt

Decentralized Social Media apps.

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