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What kinds of things might a training session cover?

  1. How to wipe a hard disk
    • How to wipe portions of a hard disk
  2. How to encrypt a partition
  3. How to install Linux
    • Rufus / dd to flash a flash drive
    • ISO + VirtualBox / other
    • SSH to secure shell
  4. How to use TOR
  5. How to use Bitcoin, Monero, etc
  1. How to create a PGP key
  2. How to upload a PGP key to a keyserver
  3. How to encrypt text/files with PGP
  1. How to register a Riot account
  2. How to validate someone's identity on Riot
  3. How to manage a Riot chatroom
  1. How to host a webserver
  2. How to host a Matrix server
  3. How to host a tor hidden service
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