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See our Release Page or read documentation here on the wiki .
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What is ? was conceived of in June 2020 when a number of technologically inclined activists in Portland, Oregon felt that the digital aptitude of the Left in the Pacific Northwest could be improved. While we've been able to make good use of proprietary services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Docs, emerging open-source technologies remain overshadowed. We welcome left-leaning persons from all over the world, but are especially focusing on helping our regional community in the Pacific Northwest.

The decentralized internet, web 3.0, already exists: now it's time for us to take it!


  1. Educate the community on making better use of technology.
  2. Host quality services for the community.
  3. Develop novel free & open-source software to address unique aims of the community.

1. Education

Making the most effective use of computers (desktop and mobile) is something that the far-right does very well, but is something the typical Leftist struggles with, whether this is due to class-based factors, or simply a lack of guidance. Most of us know how to use Signal messenger, and know not to use our real name on Twitter, but very few of us are comfortable using cryptocurrency, hosting our own private and encrypted clouds, setting up meshnets, or doing other things to make effective use of cheap and available technology.

We hope to establish a library of guides on how to more safely and effectively use technology, whether as a casual user, or someone who wants to further empower or protect their affinity group. We will begin our education project during quarantine as a series of wiki and blog articles; following the quarantine, we will begin reaching out to different organizations to schedule lessons in using lesser known, highly secure utilities.

Our ultimate mission is for everyone to get maximum utility of the resources made available to us through the open-source community & cheap embedded hardware, while everyone also is able to use their devices as safely as possible.

See our training page for the kinds of training we're considering – or better yet, reach out to us with ideas for how we can help!

2. Services

The first service launched by is our matrix chat server: read more about matrix on its page. We are hoping to roll out useful new services monthly.
See also: the list of proposed services.

For now, we host several services:

  1. – community wiki
  2. – Matrix chat client
  3. https://meet.brickshop.ioJitsi teleconference server
  4. https://social.brickshop.ioPleroma microblogging server
  5. https://lemmy.brickshop.ioLemmy reddit server

In the future, we hope to host more: things like a Tor node, bittorrent tracker, blogs, radio, bulletin board, PGP keyserver, and others.

As we continue to establish ourselves, we also want to work with established organizations to join the decentralized web and host blogs, microblogs, or establish presence in other ways while distanced from Silicon Valley spyware, like Facebook and Twitter. We are developing a way to assign subdomains and are thinking of the best way to make use of them.

3. Development

The final stated goal for now regarding Brickshop is to develop new free & open-source software to address the needs of the community. There are many Leftists who are interested in computer science, but rarely do explicitly leftist software projects emerge from the tech community. Once we have a critical mass of developers and a queue of problems to be solved, we hope to contribute new and innovative software at zero cost.

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